Man criticizes pastor for making insensitive comments on the #EndSARSMemorial.

A man turns to social media to criticize his pastor for making insensitive remarks about the #EndSARsMemorial young rally.

It would be recounted that during the 2020 #EndSARs demonstration, Nigerian youths marched to the streets throughout the country to mourn those who died.

In reaction, Pastor Wisdom described the #EndSarsMemorial as a “ignorant and stupid” demonstration on his Whatsapp status.

“If you’re a Christian and you’re blogging about a protest, you’re either stupid or uneducated. Someone was killed at a protest, and you’re remembering them; have you remembered Jesus, who has been dying for you for over 2000 years?” God’s man penned it.



In reaction, a Twitter user identified as HopeSkinny1 condemned the claim of his pastor in a tweet.

He wrote, “I can’t believe this is coming from my pastor. I’m done.”









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