Man Loses His Job After Shooting His Shot At His New Female Boss

A guy has disclosed that he was sacked from his job because he made advances  toward the new boss.

He announced this on Twitter just hours after asking social media people if it was a good idea to shoot his shot at her.

The user @virtual pi then provided an update, stating that he is no longer employed.

According to him, he requested for his female boss’s phone number and suggested doing anything later, but she reported him on harassment claims.

The man originally tweeted;

Got a new manager at work and she kinda cute do I shoot my shot

Then he wrote after some hours;

It appears that I am now unemployed. Dawg y’all gotta understand I fr asked for her number so we could do sumn sometime and ig she took that as me asking for s** cuz she started trippin and told my store manager that I was “catcalling” when we don’t even let pets in the store she just started saying shit”

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