‘My Father Lost Contracts Due To My Viral Twerking Video’ – UNN Medical Student

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Mirabel Obi, the UNN student recently seen twerking in a viral video , claims her father lost contracts as a result of her twerking video.

She also claimed that she has been subjected to hate speech, abuse, and fury from her relatives as a result of the incident.

On Saturday, a video of Obi twerking half-naked in front of Akpabio Hostel in an attempt to win N30,000 in a competition went viral, generating a stir on the internet.

Two days later, the girl took to Instagram to contradict accusations that she was expelled for her actions, claiming that school officials trashed her possessions.

In a recent post on her Instagram story on Thursday, the student claimed that people had slut-shamed her because of the act, stating that her actions brought shame to her family.

She said,

Everyday, I just keep wondering if I committed one big crime that would warrant these hate speeches from a lot of people. Like how did my life get here?

So had it been it was a sex tape, people would expect me to kill myself? A dance that I felt was very harmless. Is it worth it?

The harassment, the hate speech, everybody being too judgemental, my family ranging in anger, everybody calling me a prostitute, girls slut-shaming me, my father losing contracts, the shame it’s bringing to my family and all.

I’m very tired. Maybe when I leave, you all will rest.” (sic)


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