Officer Woos – Palliative (Comedy Video)

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Officer Woos - Palliative (Comedy Video)

Officer Woos – Palliative (Comedy Video) DOWNLOAD

We are tired. Let me tell you the funniest thing right now happening in my country, Covid-19 palliatives for my country were found in different warehouses around the country (LAUGHS OUT LOUD).

Let’s take it back a little, when COVID-19 pandemic broke out, many of the citizens were caught unaware. Many couldn’t stay home for long because of what to eat and just to make money to survive.

A country that knows its people state and still deprive them of the little things that can help them survive. What will it take you to share the palliatives, why store them in a warehouse for months and watch people starve?

A governor of a particular state said he was planning to share them on his birthday (rolling on the floor). God what has happened to HUMANITY? Only you can safe us.

Enjoy below!

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