Pasuma Reveals How He Almost Emptied His Account Helping People During COVID-19

Wasiu Alabi, the fuji musician and actor who is more popularly known as Pasuma , has talked about his experience during the peak of COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

The singer said that he learnt invaluable lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Napoli Like Lagos singer noted that his account almost got depleted from helping people at the height of the pandemic in Nigeria.

He told Sunday Scoop, “COVID-19 taught all of us very big lessons and it affected everyone’s business in one way or the other.

All the same, we thank God that we are gradually getting out of it. “The pandemic taught me how to be more prudent and to always have a ‘plan B’ in every business one is involved in.

It got to a stage that my bank account was almost ‘red’ with the way I gave out palliatives at the height of the pandemic.” Known to always identify with youths Pasuma , however, was said to have got into the bad books of some young people during the recent #EndSARS protests.

In a video clip that went viral on the Internet, he appeared to have been chased away from a protest venue in Lagos and was not allowed to make a speech.

However, the entertainer reiterated that no such thing happened. He also maintained that contrary to what some people thought, fuji musicians, including himself supported the protests.

He said, “I was not chased away from the protest. Those reports were rumours from my haters. I supported the protesters from the beginning as a fuji musician and there were lots of fuji artistes that stood with the youths as well during that time. We are all Nigerians.

If Nigeria is better than it is now, we would all have a place to live in comfortably and call home. “Meanwhile, it is not about #EndSARS alone.

We crave for a new Nigeria and for the betterment of generations yet unborn.” Responding to a question on what projects he is working on, Pasuma said, “I don’t really have any project I am working on at the moment, except my new album, MMM, which was released recently.

I am happy that it is currently making waves and selling fast in the market. Also, the video for the title song of the album will be out soon.”

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