Shocking: Mum hides baby’s dead body in walls of house after moving to a new home

A Pennsylvania mother has admitted that she hid the remains of her baby son in the walls of her new home after she moved it.

Kylie Wilt told authorities that her 1-year-old baby had been dead and hidden since February 2021, police said.

The 25-year-old told cops that she had placed her baby’s body in a crate and cut a hole in the wall of her Charleroi home before filling the drywall and painting over it.

Investigators said that child services came to her home last week to ask where her baby was, officials told WPXI.

The woman, from Pennsylvania, reportedly alleged the baby was in North Carolina being watched by someone else.

But then she changed her story, telling child services that her baby had died in February of sudden infant death syndrome [SIDS] at the couple’s former residence, New York Post reports.

The child protection services had been investigating Wilt’s baby for months after he was born with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in his system.

She told police that onxe the baby died, she became nervous.

After she, her boyfriend, and her three other children moved to another home three roads away, Wilt took the baby’s body with them.

The mother claims she hid the baby because she didn’t have enough money for a funeral.

Her son’s cause of death is still being investigated.

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