The use of Sea Bus to reduce road traffic congestion in Ghana

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As More and more technologies are been invented daily, the world is almost a global village like they say. Technology has improved various aspect of life from health, Energy to transportation. But transportation by road is faced with difficulty as Traffic congestion is usually an issue in Africa.

The Coastal Development Authority in Ghana has said that it is considering a proposal to develop a ‘sea bus’ system to promote transportation between coastal regions and also reduce traffic congestion.

The Deputy Chief Executive of the Authority, Mona Gertrude Effah who disclosed the information noted that are ongoing talks for a possible Public-Private-Partnership arrangement for the service to be pioneered in the country.

She said:

“We have decided to come up with something called the marine transport from the Volta Region to the Western Region…. We are going to have a sort of a ship that can carry goods and passengers, and we are going to ensure that we have transit points along the route from Volta to the Western Region, This we think will help in another way to boost the economic activities in the various areas that these ships will be landing…It is not an over-ambitious thing…It is going to help the people along the coast,”

According to her, the project won’t be funded by the Ghanaian governments but Private sector and investors.

Currently, the only known public commercial watercraft transport in Ghana is the inland ferry operations by the Volta Lake Transport Company Limited (VLTC) which operates ferries conveying passengers and goods on the Volta Lake. A project like the sea bus will reduce road crash and traffic congestion

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