Video: Jesus says you should stop putting perfume on your body” – Preacher sparks reactions

A female preacher sparked controversy on social media after speaking out against the usage of perfume.

The video, which appears to be making the rounds on the internet, shows a scene a preacher strongly warns against the use of sweet-smelling things on the body, claiming that Jesus taught followers should refrain from doing so.

She backed up her assertion with a part of the bible, Isaiah 3 verse 24, claiming that in the end day, those who use perfumes will be burning and stinking like a gutter.

In her words:

Those of you putting perfume, Jesus said you should stop putting perfume on your body. On the last day in Isaiah 3 verse 24 instead of sweet smell, you’ll be burning and you’ll be stinking, you’ll be smelling like gutter,

See video below

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