Comedian Woli Agba Opens Up On Collecting Money On Visit To Vice President Osinbajo

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Nigerian comedian Ayo Ajewole, also known as Woli Agba, has responded to reports that he and his colleague received money from Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s recent visit to the Aso residence.

Recall that Woli Agba and his colleagues were attacked following their recent visit to Vice President, and they are all battling for his interests.

Woli Agba, in response to the criticisms, stated that one of Nigerians’ problems is that they conclude any least chance after seeing the countless photographs they shot.

People, according to Woli Agba, should quit thinking like programmed robots and stop making up tales about who isn’t there at the meeting.

After mercilessly being dragged on social media, Woli Agba, in a post on Instagram, said he did not collect a dime on the trip, and the motive behind the visit has nothing to do with a brown envelope as he didn’t receive anyone.

Woli Agba said that the purpose of the visit was for the skit makers award, but they seized the opportunity to present the youths’ grievances and hope for positive change from the government.

The comedian said the term ‘Programmed robot’ was a misconception and apologised for using the word, adding that he is a member of the sorosoke generation and unwilling to be manipulated against what the youth stand for.


I did not collect a dime on this trip.
The motive behind my visit to the villa has nothing to do with an envelope and none was received by me.
Though the reason for our visit to the villa was for NSIA, yet, we seized the opportunity to first present the grievances of we, the youth. #policebrutality #twitterban among others, while we hope for positive change from the govt.
The clause “programmed robot” in one of my comments was a misconception and I sincerely apologise for that.
I am a youth and a member of the #sorosokegeneration and I am unwilling to be manipulated against what we all stand for.
I preach good values: Morals, Respect and Integrity (evident in my works).
sorosokegeneration we mooooovvveeeeee.

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