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DOWNLOAD Imitation Season 1 Episode 6 (Korean Drama) MOVIE

Imitation Season 1 Episode 6 (Korean Drama)

Imitation Season 1 Episode 6 (Korean Drama) 720p 480p, Full Movie free Fast x265 x264, torrent, HD bluray popcorn, magnet mp4 mkv Download

The power that suddenly came to Mach on the pretext of returning the changed tribute pack. Lia and Maha, caught in the local radar network, are questioned, and Shaxx’s manager Dae-gwon also issues a strong warning to the authorities.

Even in the tight schedule triggered by warnings, power avoids Dae-gwon’s eyes and waits for Mach’s contact, letting his imagination run wild.

Meanwhile, Maha, who was having a conversation with La Lima, who came without notice, reveals that La Lima was her role model.

However, with Larima’s candid declaration of war against Mach, a subtle current flows between the two.

Enjoy Imitation Season 1 Episode 6 below.


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