“I sometimes miss my old body… I wish I had taken more photos naked” – T.Boss

T.Boss took to Instagram to express how much parenthood has altered her figure.

She claims that having a kid changed her figure and that she sometimes doesn’t recognize herself.

She went on to remark that she wishes she could say she likes her new body, but it won’t be entirely true.

She went on to talk about her prior figure, saying she misses it since it was “sexy” and “banging.”

She went on to say that she wished she had taken more naked images at the time.

She wrote:

Motherhood: Everything’s different on these streets these days. Some days I don’t even recognize myself. I wanna say that I love my new body but that wouldn’t be entirely true- we struggle with so many changes and whilst I do realize that this change had to come for me to feel the Joy & Live which I feel- I sometimes miss my old body.
Damnnnn I was Sexy. My Body was Banging.

I just wish I had taken more photos naked. However since I can’t diet because I love food too much & I haven’t found a slimming tea that’s pleasant to the taste and actually works I have decided to Exercise and I found that Boxing does it for me. It’s an overall physical & mental workout and it makes me feel super Amazing. Looking forward to when I would Look Great again.

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"I sometimes miss my old body... I wish I had taken more photos naked" T.Boss writes

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