Grammy Is Just An Award, Not A Measure For Success — Nigerian Fan Supports Davido

A Nigerian guy took to Twitter to explain why it’s not a big issue that Nigerian Afropop sensation Davido hasn’t won a Grammy.

Winning a Grammy, according to the tweet, is not a benchmark for success because it is merely an award.

He backed up his claim by comparing Davido to other famous music performers who haven’t received the prize but are still at the top of their field.

He then asks that people should stop belittling artistes because of grammmys.

Davido hasn’t won a Grammy, that’s no big deal; Lots of music icons like 2Pac, Nicki, Sia, Katy Perry, Bob Marley & many more haven’t won one either despite being on top of their game. Stop belittling artistes cos of Grammys, it’s not a yardstick for success. It is just an award.


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