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“How did she get his wife’s number” – Blessing Okoro talks on Maria’s saga

Popular relationship consultant, Blessing Okoro weighs in amidst the backlash trailing the reality star, Maria over her illicit affair with a married man.

This is coming after the biracial reality tv star allegedly threatened the wife of the man whom she’s sleeping with before being called out.

According to Blessing in an Instagram post, the married man in question is an accomplice who must have devalued his wife in the presence of his side chick, Maria, causing her to threaten his home.

She wrote;

If Maria threatened His wife, how did Maria get his wife’s number ???
So they said that maria stole his sister’s husband. My question is this, is your sister’s husband biscuit? Things like this that personalities like you do is what empowers the side chicks, if it’s true then u have just showed maria how powerful she is. Nobody can steal a MAN pls If she threatened arrest her. Tag the man let’s drag him to Biko.

Dear married women. Many times the marriage is over before he starts cheating, and you know, stop fighting lost battles, a man will stay where he wants to stay, put u dignity together, that is all you have left???? If na DM, then send it to the police, get her arrested. For her to threaten her it means the man would have devalued his wife in front of Maria. So which battle are u fighting?

"How did she get his wife's number" - Blessing Okoro weighs in on Maria's affair with married man

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