Kiddwaya Pushes Erica Away While Trying To kiss Him In Public

In an outing, the billionaire housemate alongside the disqualified housemate of the BBNaija recently graced an event.

In a video circulating social media. Kiddwaya was spotted to have pushed Erica who was trying to kiss him away.

The couple seems to have no issue about the embarrassment, Erica seems to have forgotten they are no more in the Big brother Naija house.

unfortunately, the fans have begun to react on various social media platforms regarding Erica trying to force herself on the billionaire son, Kiddwaya.

The Video all over social platforms reveals Kiddwaya was engrossed with his phone when the disqualified housemate Erica approached him, he was still on his phone but she leans forward in other to get his attention with a kiss, Kiddwaya reacting to the scenario pushed her away.


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