Kim Jong-un orders North Koreans to worship ‘Kimjongunism’

Kim Jong-un, the 37-year-old leader of North Korea, wishes to be worshiped by his people.

The ruler promotes “Kimjongunism,” which regards him as a “Great Leader.”

Portraits of his father and grandparents have been removed from Pyongyang’s capital city in order to portray Kim John-un as unrivaled in his position of power.

Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-grandfather, created the country in 1948 and became the twentieth century’s third longest-serving political leader.

According to South Korea’s intelligence service, Kim wants his image and reputation would surpass that of his grandfather and his father, Kim Jong-il, who came after him.

Reports claim the term “Kimjongunism” is being promoted in government circles and state media is calling Kim “Great Leader”, which has previously only been used in reference to Kim Il-sung.

Fyodor Tertitskiy from Kookmin University in Seoul, told NK News: “The signal cannot be clearer.

“Kim Jong-un does not like certain aspects of the system that his father and grandfather have forged — specifically the one tying the successor’s legitimacy to his deference to his predecessors. The current leader wants to be his own autocrat.”

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